Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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7/13/04 12:58 pm

Hey y'all,

It has been since June 25 since my last update, and thought I better get on the stick or y'all will be fussin' at me.

First off all is good here in TX. Hotter than Hades some days and wet as a cow peeing on a flat rock other days. Today it is pretty hot, but yesterday felt hotter with the heat index of 106F. We had something like 20 inches of rain in Houston for the month of June. Way too wet!

Today, Mom and Dad are off tromping with Liz and Sara. They are taking them to a "healing" then to Luby's Cafeteria for lunch, then off to see a movie called Notebook. Sara said the "healing" would take about 20 minutes and could she take them. I said go ahead. I feel like it can't hurt. I have no idea what Notebook is about, but Liz said the Therapist said she should take them to see it, that they would like it.

Liz has been taking M&D on little outtings each week for past few weeks. The first time they went to the Aquarium (here in Houston). It opened last year and I haven't even been there yet, but M&D have. They also went to dinner there and didn't get back till late that night. In fact the night shift came and couldn't find M&D and got worried. Liz said that M&D had a great time and Mom did real well.

The next week they went to the Science museum and saw an IMAX film on the sea and went to the butterfly museum. Yet again another thing I haven't done yet. Anna has been to the butterfly museum, but I have not. They had a good time there too. Dad told me there were huge mountains at the theater, and Liz looked at me and said "it was all underwater." Oh, well, Dad had fun, that's all that matters.

Ola also told me that during these last 2 outtings, Mom has been dry when they returned. One of the trips they were gone about 6 hours, that means she may be in contol of her blatter at times. YEA MOM! Liz said she would have to start sitting Mom on the potty to see if she can use it.

We had a bit of a time with Mom and her coumadin levels. The cardiologist told me to up the dose to 4mg a day from 3mg a day. Well, Mom started to ooze a bit of blood, not alot, around her g-tube. So we went off to the doctor and got her back in line. They have her back on 3mg and all is good.

I finally am getting Mom evaluated for a powered wheelchair. The company is sending out a therapist to evaluate and measure her. That is scheduled for tomorrow. It is like parting the red sea to get some of this stuff taken care of, but we are finally in motion for the chair. There is a big medicare fraud here in Houston concering powered wheelchairs and medicare is rejecting alot of the requests, but they think they will approve one for Mom. I will let you know.

Dad is doing better and Liz is taking him out for walks daily. He is getting stronger and he was even pushing Mom in the wheelchair the other day at the doctors office. His hand is out of the splint and cast and his finger is a bit bent and will always be. It is still bothering him some. You have to ask him, he won't tell you it hurts all by himself. I don't know if sometimes he is kidding me, but lately he asks "who are you?" I reply "Mary, who are you?" and he says "Joe" and laughs!. I haven't been over too much in the past two weeks, I have had a cold/allergies/sinus infection and didn't want to infect them. In fact yesterday was the first day I stayed longer than a few minutes. I have some antibiotics and other nose pills and finally feel better.

Well, I better run and get back to work.

Love and hugs to all,


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