Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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7/26/04 9:29am
Good Morning Y'all,

It has been one busy weekend on the Davis/Dombrowski front. It all started out on Saturday morning (7/24/04) when I went over to see Mom and Dad and pick up the list of stuff needed at the store. Sara (the CNA on for Sat) told me that Dad fell again last night and she showed me two small boo boos on his left arm. He got up durning the night a fell against the wall and the night nurse, Bola, was there with him and caught him and kept him from totally falling. I asked Dad how he was and he said OK. So I went to the store and dropped off the items that I baught for them. Nancy was cleaning and she told me to look at the air conditioner, she was very hot cleaning. Well, the AC showed it was 80 degrees and the thermostat was set on 65.

Jerry, Aaron and I were going to my boss's ranch that day. So I got Jerry to come over and look at the AC. He got it running and told the ladies that it would take a while to cool, but the fan was running. Also, Sara noticed that Dad's pinky finger was black and blue and in a funny position. Yes, when he fell he broke another finger. Anna said she could take Dad to the ER to get it looked at and for us to go ahead and leave for the ranch.

So, Anna and Sara took Dad to the ER and Nancy stayed with Mom. (Margaret is one of the night nurses, but she also cleans the house for us). The ER doctors did some x-rays of Dad and yes indeed, he broke the pinky finger, but they also noted that he has fluid around the heart, congestive heart failure, and decided to go ahead and admit him. They were getting ready to take Dad up to his room when the fire alarm sounded in the Hospital. The alarm made the elevators go haywire and they were not working and it was going to be a while before they could get the elevators fixed, so Anna took Sara back to the house (it was getting time for her to go home and the night shift come on duty) and Anna changed clothes and put on some pants since the ER was freezing cold. When she got back the air conditioner in her home was totally not cooling. It had gotten up to 88 degrees in the house. She called me and we headed home (we were about 2 hours away). Anna went back to the hospital and back to the ER where their air conditioner went out. They put Dad on some IV lasix to help remove the fluid around the heart. Anna said within an hour, he was looking better and breathing better.

Jerry dropped me off at Anna's house and it was so hot there, I got the nurses together and we packed up Mom and took her to my house. I also called an AC guy to come and check out the AC. Mom was settled in on our fold out sofa bed (it was the only bed that we could put her and get the wheelchair near). So Mom spend the night at our house.

Jerry went over to Anna's and met the AC guy and he said the unit was shot. Freon was leaking out into the attic and the only thing that was running was the fan. They scheduled the replacement for Sunday at 10 am.

Anna finally got Dad upstairs in the hospital, but that floor had no AC either and you could only go up the elevator with a police man running the elevator, but were directing people to the stairs to go down.

So Saturday night we had Mom, Anna, and Tiger at my house and Dad was in the Hospital.

Sunday was less eventfull. Dad was still in the hospital with the elevators not working (we had to take the stairs to get to his room) and the AC still out there too. It wasn't too bad there, they had some portable AC units trying to cool it down some. We checked on Dad, they had removed the IV, but said he had to stay the night and maybe he could come home on Monday. We shall see if he comes home today.

We got the AC replaced about 2pm and took Mom and Tiger back about 5pm and she was doing well.

So that was our weekend.

Joan is coming to visit us tomorrow and the last time she came, Dad broke his finger. Strange huh? But really it was sorta a good thing because, if he didn't break it, we wouldn't have known about the congestive heart failure and that may have been really bad. They said it was in the begining phase. So we got it in time.

Joan and Tom were down in FL cleaning out the house. We have gotten an offer for the house and have accepted it. The people are going to close on the house in a few weeks. We are all sad to have to sell their home, but they would not be able to go back to it at all and we could use the money for their care.

Love and hugs to all,

Mary et. al.
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