Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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4/2104 1:27 PM

Hey Y'all,

Well,  another week, another hospitalization, however it isn't Mom this time, it is Dad.  He has had a cold all last week and yesterday, he was wheezing when he was breathing.  Liz called me about 3pm and told me about it and I called the MD and she was out of the office already, so I hauled him to the local ER.  Found out he has pnemunonia. 

They kept him to treat him with antibiotics and breathing treatments.  We got to a room about 11pm last night and I was impressed that the MD showed up to do his eval on him that late at night.  She is a really caring doctor.  Most would say, I'll see him tomorrow, but she got there to see him.  He was a bit weak getting him to the ER, but he looked better when I left out of there.  I hope he was good for the staff last night.

Mom is doing better.  She is getting a bit stronger little by little.  The other night Anna had both parents with dirhrea at the same time.  She heard mom crying and when she got in there mom was trying to get out of bed.  Both good and bad.  Good that she is getting stronger, but bad if she had actually gotten out fo bed unassisted.

Anna is doing a great job with their care after the day shift leaves.  I am trying to do all the running around for her so she doesn't have to worry about that type of stuff.  It is really a full time job just taking care of them, let alone getting all the replacement crap that is needed. 

Gotta run and get some work type stuff done.

I will let you know their progress and remember no news is good news.

Love and hugs to all,


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