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Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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4/13/04 12:37 PM

Howdy Y'all,

Welcome to the next installment of the life and times of Ed and Ele.

(Ed K, could you send this to your Mom and Dad, somehow they got deleted from the list and I don't have their address. Thanks,)

Unfortunately, yesterday morning, we had to call 911 to get the ambulance to see Mom and get her to the hospital.  The physical therapist came to see Mom Monday, am and did the workout with her.  He/She put Mom back in the wheelchair and left.  Liz noticed Mom's head slumped down a few minutes later.  She tried to shake Mom, but she didn't respond.  Liz got her back into bed and called 911.  She vomited and had some even come out the nose.  Mom looked better before the EMT's  arrival, but since we didn't know what happened, she was off to the hospital. 

She got there about 9:45 -10:00 yesterday morning.  Anna and I raced to the hospital (not as in so much of a panic as the last time with seizures) and got to the ER and they had Mom in a room.  They left her alone, so I figured it wasn't too bad.  They did alot of tests, including a catscan, and didn't find anything wrong and no new strokes.  They finally got a cath sample of her urine and it was very cloudy.  She has another urinary tract infection (UTI).  The nurse told me that when the elderly have UTI's they have all sorts of things happen to them and he was not suprised that she was non-responsive from that.

The doctor admitted her to the hospital to treat the infection with IV antibiotics and to make sure she didn't get any vomit into her lungs.  The Dr. said it takes a few days to find out for sure if that happened or not.   So she will stay there for a while.  Mom was doing well this morning when Dad and Liz went to see her.

Other than that incident, all was/is well here.  Mom is still trying to communicate with us and we still are stupid and can't figure it out.  On Sunday, it was very rainy and cool here (in the low 60's), Anna was cool and turned on the heater to heat up the house some.  Jerry and I and his parents came over for Easter lunch and went home.  Jerry and I came back to finish the bathroom shower (YEA!) around dinner time.  I sat down by Mom and she got a bit upset and started pulling on my sweat shirt. 

We, Sara - the weekend nurse, Anna or myself couldn't figure what Mom wanted.  She kept getting more and more upset.  Well after about 10 minutes of her crying I figured out that she didn't like me wearing my sweatshirt (she was hot).  I took it off and put on one of Anna's t-shirts and she settled down.  I guess she was having a fever with the UTI we didn't know about and we did change her blouse to a lighter one and she was all better.  See, sometimes it is hard to figure out what she wants.

Dad got real upset last night with Mom in the hospital.  Anna said that he cried real hard for about a half hour.  Nothing she was saying to him was sinking in.  She was telling him she was ok and she just left Mom and she was fine, but he continued to cry.  So in desparation, she called the dog, Tiger, over and got him to howl.  He is a mighty fine howler and will really do it on command (that is if you howl too).  Dad immediately laughed and started meowing like a cat and he forgot the crying.  She said he was better after that.  Not perfect, but better.

Dad has really gotten used to being back together with Mom.   He really is missing on her and I guess he thinks that they will be separated for a long time again.  I really think Mom will be coming home in a few days.

We are still working on getting things right for M&D at Anna's.  We got a wheelchair, then got a hoyer lift to get her in the chair, then the lift won't fit under the bed and are working on getting a hospital bed so we can use the lift.  We also need to figure out some mode of transport of Mom.  It is very very difficult to get her from the wheelchair to their car and back again.  I am also looking for someone who does hair and would be willing to come over to Anna's to work on her hair.  We (Sara and I) have put some curlers in her hair and are trying, but she will need a haircut soon.  So, if any of you Houstonians know of someone who would be willing to do this let me know!  Dottie, could come every week to do it.  But it would be a long commute from FL.  (Just kidding, Dottie)

Well gotta run and get Dad to the Dr. today.  He isn't sleeping very well and want to have him checked out (this was before the hospital thing this week) to make sure nothing is wrong there.

Love, and hugs to all,

The Texans

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