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Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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2/21/04 7:48AM

Good Day Y'all,

Yesterday was a bit better for Mom.  She was much more alert, but she still has a tendency towards sleeping.  She may still be recovering from the stroke as well as adjusting to her new medicine.  At lunch on Friday, she ate farely well.  She was trying to eat on her own, but she kept trying to get too much on her spoon and tying to shove it in her mouth.  You try to tell her she has enough on her spoon, but she tries to get more.  They put her back to bed after lunch and then we returned for dinner.  I had to wake her up to eat and she was a bit lazy.  She didn't want to hold her spoon as usual and I had to feed her.  I told her she was being lazy making me feed her. 

She was also making faces when she was eating everything except the desert.  They had ground up hamburger for her and potato salad.  I don't think she liked the taste of them, because when I got to the desert, she was not making faces and she was eagar to eat.  So I think it just tasted bad. But the good news is that she kept down the food she ate.  She just may have had a 24 hour bug and it ran it's course. 

I spoke to the Dr. yesterday.  He kinda caught me off guard.  He call the staff there at dinner time and they came and got me so he could talk to me.  He was supposed to get in touch with us last week and all this week.   By this time, I had most of my questions answered, but he was able to tell me a few more things.  I asked him about flying with Mom to move her, and he said no, she was a high risk for blood clots in the legs because of her lack of movement.  I also asked about keeping her on the coumadin (blood thinner) and he said yes, she needed to stay on that the rest of her life (the physician's assistant told me they may take her off the coumadin and that sorta freaked me out.  The two times Dad got off his coumadin, was the two times he had his strokes.  Coumadin, is good, no coumadin is very bad).  He said he would come in to check on her since she had this bout of illness.  She was/is running a low grade feaver (which I didn't know about) to make sure it wasn't an infection.  He also said that we could move her when we planned, if all goes well, and they get this infection taken care of, if that is what it is).

That's about all for now.  Dad is doing well and so am I.  I will head back to Houston tomorrow, so Joan will be taking over the e-mails.

Love and Hugs to all,

Mary and Eddie


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