Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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Whether you are looking for better, healthier recipes for you or you are cooking for your elderly parent or grandparent. These 10 free sample recipes are designed to help you keep the dietary restrictions that your elder may have due to heart disease and/or diabetes.

Are you concerned about the sodium content in prepackaged food? Has your elder been placed on a diet to help treat a medical condition? Have you longed to find recipes that are easy to prepare and can be cooked ahead of time so your elder and just warm them up?

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Tuesday,  October 21

Hi Y'all,

Eleanore is doing much better today.  She was alert with her eyes open for most of the time from 9:30 until 12 noon today and again for an hour in the afternoon.  She reached out her good hand (left) for Daddy, and she was raising her head from the pillow and turning it to look at me.  The pillow was blocking her view.  I could have moved so she would have had an unobstructed view, but the exercise was good for her.  She did that about 10 times over the course of an hour, so she was remembering that I was there also.  At one point Daddy got curious and started opening the drawers next to her bed and she perked up and lifted her head and peered down to see what was there.  He closed it and she relaxed, and then a few minutes later he opened it again and she immediately lifted her head and looked again.  She followed his hand as he raised each of the different items and showed them to her.  I also told her that the more she moved her right leg (the affected one) the sooner she  would be walking again.  She then lifted that leg about an inch at the knee and flexed her foot.  Then she continued doing that over and over again for about an hour at perhaps one minute intervals.  She was remembering that, I wasn't telling her to do it each time.

We has a relatively short day today as Daddy asked to leave about 4:15.  He gets a little bored when she is sleeping deeply and he can't wake her, which he tries to do, mostly successfully. 

Well, time to make supper.  Once again thanks for all your prayers for her.  I will keep you posted. 

Love and thanks to all

Anna and Eddie

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