Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

Elder Care Tips and Monthly News

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10 Free Recipes Designed for the Elderly Diet

Whether you are looking for better, healthier recipes for you or you are cooking for your elderly parent or grandparent. These 10 free sample recipes are designed to help you keep the dietary restrictions that your elder may have due to heart disease and/or diabetes.

Are you concerned about the sodium content in prepackaged food? Has your elder been placed on a diet to help treat a medical condition? Have you longed to find recipes that are easy to prepare and can be cooked ahead of time so your elder and just warm them up?

Discover Cooking Secrets from an Experienced Care Giver

• Cook Low Fat/Low Sodium/Low Sugar or No Sugar Meals
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Wed 3/5/2008 9:51 AM

All is good here in Texas.  Dad is fine. He doesn't want to open his much now.  He is awake and listening to you, but has the peepers closed.

Tom came into town last week and it was good to see him.  He was in town for a meeting for a few days.  We got him over to the house to see Dad a few times.  Dad didn't really open his eyes much when he was here, but one time, the first day, Dad to a swing at Tom's head, Tom ducked, and Dad had a smile on his face.  So he knew what was going on, just playing opossum.

Anna and I were in the ER on Monday.  Anna tripped and fell on the cement walkway going to her house.  She fell and cut her skin about the right eye and she fractured one of her arm bones.  She got 7 stitches above her eyebrow and a cast that goes up past her elbow and down to her fingers.  She has to go see the othro specialist in a few days.  The ER nurse said to wait until the swelling goes down before you go to that doctor. 

The ER doctor that saw Anna and I asked "Where is your father?  I saw Dombrowski on the list."  We said he was home and were here for Anna.  Dr. Steve was absolutely amazed that Dad was still alive and that he had not been in the hospital since Oct.  It's pretty bad when the ER doctor knows your name and your daughters faces.  He stitched Anna up pretty quick.  It only took about 2 hours since were were in the "fast track" or Owey line (where all the kids who hurt themselves go).

Fred is working out real well.  I have now got him trained to watch I Love Lucy at 4 so we are off the soccer channel.  He loves Lucy now.  He is from Sierra Leonne, Africa and never saw Lucy before.  He even asked me if it was a new show!!!  Gotta Love it!

Well, I must be going.  Just wanted y'all to know that things are good here.  I think that Dad has lost a few pounds, but we can't weigh him at home, so we have no way of knowing.  Tom hadn't seen him since the Summer and he said he looked like he lost some weight.  I am guessing around 105 to 100lbs.  He looks so bad with out any clothes on.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we did have to take him in Mid February to a GI doctor because he needed to have his G-tube replaced.  The tube wouldn't hold in the adaptor to the feeding tube bag.  It was a quick in and out proceedure (5-10 min).  We had to go to the hospital and it was done in the Day Surgery waiting room.  He had to fast also.  I hated that part.  Not that doesn't need every single calorie.

So, all is good!

Love and hugs to y'all.

Mary et al.

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